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Supporting JA is one business decision you’ll never regret. Whether your company signs on to provide classroom volunteers or to sponsor an event, you’re making a solid investment in the next generation of Trinidad and Tobago’s workforce. Who knows... Your future VP of Sales may be sitting in a First Year classroom right down the street from your business.


At JA, we know that the 21st-century working world brings with it a significant shift in what’s expected of successful employees and responsible adults. Our experiential learning process is based on three pillars that help better prepare our youth for these challenges.


The caring businesses that make the smart investment of supporting JA do so in a number of ways. This includes:


  • Provide Classroom Volunteers — the training is easy and the time commitment convenient. What’s more, your employees experience the fun and rewards of making a difference in the lives of today’s youth.


  • Sponsor a Curriculum or Entire School — with a contribution from your organisation, JA can provide proven curriculum to an entire class level or empower an entire school of students with the tools they need to build their dreams.


  • Create an Employee Contribution System – There’s an old saying that “it takes a community to raise a child”. Employees, through our Individual Giving Campaign have the opportunity to create an impact on an at-risk student’s life. A modest annual contribution ensures that that a young child will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a global economy.


  • Get involved in an Event — Special events are perfect ways for local businesses to participate in fundraising and gain exposure among Trinidad and Tobago’s business community. Visit our Events page for more details.

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