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Junior Achievement provides supplemental learning experiences that help young people develop the competence, confidence and character to make smart academic and economic decisions.


The world is becoming more competitive and interconnected. Businesses are no longer bound by bricks and mortar. What happens in one corner of the globe can have a significant impact right here in Trinidad and Tobago. When local companies set out to hire new employees, candidates come from everywhere, not just locally but regionally. Increasingly, employers value intangible assets such as imagination, problem solving, and critical thinking along with technical skills.


Our programs are part of a national community effort to improve the graduation rate among young people exiting secondary school. We hope to achieve this by exposing students to positive role models and/or mentors, who will encourage them about the importance of staying in school and higher education.


Your financial support will allow us to provide learning opportunities for more students – we need your help to meet the demand for our courses which teach skills such as personal finance, career readiness, owning a business, character education and ethics. JA students also learn about the economy and how it works.


Even a modest contribution can make a real difference for children in our community. Sponsor a Child Today. Donate Now!

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