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Q: What is Junior Achievement (JA)?

A: Junior Achievement (JA) is the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people to own their economic success, plan for their future and make smart academic and economic choices.


Q: Who can volunteer?

A: Everyone can volunteer. Volunteers are typically business professionals, tertiary-level students, community members, or parents who want to play an active role in participating in the education of students around them.


Q: How long is the commitment?

A: Traditionally, a classroom session is estimated between 30 to 45 minutes. Programs consist of 5 sessions, delivered once a week for five (5) consecutive weeks.


Q: What if I never worked with students before?

A: No problem. We provide all the teaching materials and show you how to use them. We also give you helpful hints and ongoing support. Plus, the teacher remains in the classroom to assist you with any classroom management needs that may arise.


Q: What type of training is involved?

A: JA provides Volunteer Training in classroom management, student engagement strategies and our program model to prepare you for your classroom session. The duration of the training is an estimated 90 minutes. You may attend one of our group training sessions or train online through our interactive online training program.


Q: What time of the day would I be teaching?

A: The program delivery schedule is very flexible. Volunteers can deliver the program anytime during the school day usually between 8:30am – 2:00pm.


Q: What should I wear when visiting schools?

A: Wear professional business attire consistent with the faculty dress code or with your line of work. When in doubt about what to wear, Contact Us at the JA office.


Q: Who is responsible for maintaining order and discipline in the class?

A: Refer all discipline problems to the teacher. Work together with the teacher and allow them to enforce classroom rules. Remember, you are the classroom guest and the teacher is the government of the classroom.


Q: How do I get signed up to volunteer?

A: You can either contact the Junior Achievement office at 868-625-3175, or click Volunteer Today to register for a class.


Q: I want to be involved but I simply do not have time to volunteer — what else can I do?

A: There are numerous fundraisers and after-school initiatives where you can participate. We would love to help you get involved in any way that you can! Please contact us at 868-625-3175 to discuss other ways in which you can Get Involved.


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