Objectives and Learning Outcomes


The objectives of the JA Company Program include:


  • To provide an experiential supplement to the business and economic education curriculum of secondary school students.
  • To help students better understand how businesses are organised and operated.
  • To introduce students to career opportunities and teach basic workforce-readiness skills.
  • To develop students' understanding of the economic principles that influence business decisions.
  • To foster positive relationships between students and members of the business community. 


After participating in the JA Company Program, students should be able to:


  • Discuss the economic benefits of the free enterprise system.
  • Explain the importance of profit.
  • Define capital and its role in business formation.
  • Explain how businesses determine and set prices.
  • Describe the characteristics of the basic types of business organisations.
  • Explain why companies develop business plans and describe the main elements of the plan.
  • Use a system approach to solve business problems involving gathering data, evaluating alternatives and developing a plan.
  • Describe the various roles of marketing in a business.
  • Make an effective sales presentation.
  • Distinguish between production and productivity and describe the importance of quality control in the production process.
  • Read and interpret basic financial reports. 



JA Company Program enhances ’learning of the following concepts and skills:

Concepts Learnt: Business, Choices, Competition, Division of labor, Entrepreneur, Expenses, Fixed costs, Goods, Incentive, Income, Liquidation, Management, Marketing, Parliamentary procedure, Price, Productivity, Profit, Production, Research and Development, Services, Stock and Variable costs. 


Skills Acquired: Assembling products, Analyzing and interpreting information, Brainstorming, Consensus building, Critical reading, Gathering and organizing information, Group and self-assessment, Interpreting production inventory, Oral and written communication, Making observations, Product analysis, Public speaking, Research, Synthesizing and evaluating information, Selling and Working in groups. 



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